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Fingerprint and Card Attandance and Access Control - FP 003


  • High Speed Fingerprint Authentication
  • TCP/IP Supporting Inter Network Connecter
  • Support USB Pen Drive
  • Voice Prompt Function
  • Shedule Bell Function
  • Optional - EM/Mifare/HID - I Class - Inbuilt Battary


Hardware platform Bio500
Operating system Linux
User capacity 1500
Transaction Capacity 50000
Sensor Optical Sensor
Algorithm version 2009 version New algorithm
Acess Control 50Time Zone, 5Grouping, 10 Combination, Holiday, Management, support many fingerprint access, support standalone work
Communications TCP/IP or RS232 and RS 485
Keyboard and Display LCD with 80 character and figure keypad
Power 12V
Identification Speed <= 2 Seconds
FAR <=1%
FPR <=0.0001%
Temparature 0°C-45°C
Humidity 20%-80%
Language Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese, English other Language
Standard Wire Doorbell, Wiegand Out, Wiegand IN
Optional ID/HID/Mifare Card, Webserver, USB host, Short message, Workcode, RIS, Antipass-back
Optional Webserver, Workcode, RIS Multi identification, 9 Digits User ID, shedule status, T&A Record

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