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Long Range, Hands Free Employee Attendance Recording System

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is a technology, which includes wireless data capture and transaction processing. Proximity (short range) and Vicinity (long range) are two major application areas where RFID technology is used. Track and trace applications are long range or vicinity applications. This technology provides additional functionality and benefits for product authentication. Access control applications are Short range or proximity type of applications. Adroit India is focused on delivering innovative, high value RFID solutions assisting companys track assets, people and documents. Androit India provides robust and complete RFID solutions built on top of its extensible middleware/framework for Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Aerospace industries.


  • Long Range RFID Attendance System
  • Automatic Attendance Recording as soon as Person crosses the Gate
  • Very Fast and Acurate recording
  • Suitable for Areas having Heavy traffic like Steel Plants/Textile Mills and Big Industries, where conventional Card Based/Fingerprint based systems do not work
  • Alarm in case of A Person carrying more than 1 Card
  • Alarm in case of a Person crossing without a Card
  • Automatic Snap Shot recording in case of Proxy or wrong entry
  • TCP/IP enabled
  • Standalone with data storage
  • Industrial Grade and very rugged and reliable

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