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Adroit Attendance, HR and Payroll Software

Adroit is a comprehensive Attendance, HR, Payroll Software. It can iterface with Manual / Automated Attendance Systems. Adroit can handle office, factory, service, IT Sector with payroll management with all statutory compliance inputs and outputs. It can handle small environments like an organization of 25 employees, medium sized enviornements like an organization of 100 plus employees and multi locaitons and also large enviornments with 1000 employees, multi locations, multi users etc. Adroit is designed in modular way and hence there are modules with budgets to suit each type of enviornement.

Some of the Features available in our system are given below:

Attendance Data Input

  • System is compatible to any Card / Biometric Attendance Data Recording System.
  • There is option of manual attendance data entry, both on daily basis and consolidated basis



Leave Management System

Adroit Provides simple leave management where all process is done by Admin, also, it allows decentralized leave Management.

  • Leave Masters
    • Leave Basic Master
      • Opening Balances
      • Accrual Rules
      • Carry Forward Rules
      • Automatic Credit Rules
    • Compensatory OFF
  • Leave Management
    • Leave applications by employee or HOD/Admin
    • Leave Sanctioning by HOD /Admin
    • Leave process by HR online
      • Employee applies for leave online
      • HOD can view all pending leave applications and accept / reject
      • Employee gets status of leave applied.
      • The leaves cleared by HOD goes to HR / Admin for final clearance. HR/Admin may accept/ reject the leave application.
      • After final clearance of HR/Admin leave is posted in Leave Ledger.
      • Facility of email alert to HOD for leave application by an employee. This feature is very useful in case the HOD is travelling and away from system.
      • Reports on Leave ledgers / Applications.

Absent Management on Outdoor Duties

  • Outdoor Duties
  • Out of station duties
  • Any other as per user creation

User programmable attendance rules

  • Rules of deduction of attendance days/ hours on basis of:-
    • Lateness
    • Early Going
    • Less Hours
    • Absence Before / After Holidays
    • Total Hours contributed over a priod

Attendance Correction

  • Manual entries
  • Attendance punch correction.

Attendance related reports

  • Reports on raw attendance data
  • Reports on processed attendance data.
  • Query based reports on single screen
  • User definable reports with different filters like dates, companies, departments, divisions, branches, employee, etc
  • Type of attendance
  • User can add/delete columns in reports.
  • Choice on Horizontal / Vertical formats
  • Calculation of In-between OUT hours (Lunch / Personal / Official)
  • Exports to Excel/ Text Files for integration with external systems.

Payroll System

  • Consolidated attendance entry in case of Manual attendance.
  • Consolidated leave entry in case of Simple Leave Allocation is required and detailed leave management is not required.
  • Salary Heads creation
  • Salary Head Calculation Formula creation.
  • Employee wise salary head selection
  • Salary Process (Manual-employee by employee with prompts / Automatic)
  • Salary Slip
  • Salary Sheet
  • Loans and advances with automatic deduction formula
  • Bank advise/ cheque print. Templates may be created for Bank Advise.
  • Pay mode master
  • Various reports on salary headwise details, dedctions summary and payable summary
  • Increment and modification structure
  • Automatic email of salary slip to employees
  • Statutory reports on PF/Ptax/ESI/TDS/ Form 16/ 6A/3A etc.

Training Management System

  • Comprehensive Training Management
  • Training Course Master
  • Skill level mapping
  • Training requirements allocation.
  • Training schedule preparation
  • Allocation of Trainees and trainer
  • Database of training event with History for future use.
  • Employee wise training taken reports.

HR Event Record and Management

  • Creation of Parameters like increments/ penalties/ appreciations/ accidents / appraisals
  • Maintaining employee history of all events

Visitor Management System

  • Visitor Database
  • Visitor data creation
  • Visitor Pass printing with Photograph
  • Visitor IN-OUT time entry
  • Integration iwth computerized access control
  • Visitor Reports.

User Management

  • 5 Levels of Users with Access Rights
    • Admin
    • Power
    • Core
    • General
    • Department

Versions of Software

  • Single user / Multi user
  • Professonal / Enterprise / Corporate

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