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Card and Pin Access Control - AC 001

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S-123K readeris a stand alone proimity reader providing single-door proximity access control.It is ideal for small installations requiring proximity card access can workstandalone; it has extra functions like alarm.It may apply to office building and any environment to provide access management.Alarm burglar alarms

  1. Internal contact less IC card reader and the read range is 5-15 cm
  2. 12 Keyboards and one door bell push
  3. It can register 100 user cards & user's passwords
  4. It provides three kinds of password:administrator's password common password and special password(for emergency case). And the password digit does not exceed 10digits.
  5. There are two optional models to open door. User present card(registered card) to open the door User present card(registered card) and input password to open the door
  6. It can connect with normally closed lock and normallyopen lock.And latch time delay is about2-255 seconds
  7. It can connect to external push
  8. Three indicator lights and one beeper.

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